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Find the serial numbers of your installed software

LicenseCrawler is a program that scans the internet for software license and registration numbers – perfect if you need to reinstall a program or operating system one day.

This app enables you to find license keys and serial numbers for all versions of Windows, as well as a selected number of programs. That said, this list is pretty small and LicenseCrawler isn’t always successful, even when it claims to have found the correct serial number.

Sometimes you'll find that the number that LicenseCrawler comes up with either doesn't work or is too long or short for the field it's intended for. That said, LicenseCrawler is way more efficient than searching Google for serial and registration numbers manually, and should help you find the right one within a few searches.

If you've lost program keys or serial numbers, download LicenseCrawler and see if you stand a chance of recovering them.

Update scan engine, batch processing. Backup all computer in the network


  • Update scan engine, batch processing. Backup all computer in the network


  • Searches very quickly
  • Finds serials for all versions of Windows
  • Works from a USB stick


  • Does not always find right number

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LicenseCrawler 2.3-build-2485 for PC

User reviews about LicenseCrawler

  • Steve Frazer

    by Steve Frazer

    Didn't run. No point having software that doesn't run when you open it

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    74kb pure power. Perfect tool for Windows 7 migrate.
    LicenseCrawler is 0.0.42 is released. He supports adobe serial numbers an maMore

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