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LicenseCrawler LicenseCrawler 1.44-build 785

Find the serial numbers of your installed software

LicenseCrawler is a program that scans the internet for software license and registration numbers – perfect if you need to reinstall a program or operating system one day.This app enables you to find license keys and serial numbers for all...
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  • Steve Frazer

    by Steve Frazer

    Didn't run. No point having software that doesn't run when you open it

  • by Anonymous

    74kb pure power. Perfect tool for Windows 7 migrate. LicenseCrawler is 0.0.42 is released. He supports adobe serial numbers an many more... It works perfect under windows 2008 and windows 7. Pros: Portable for USB sticks. He leaved no informations on the machine. No registry keys are written. Cons: No Setup present. File must be unpacked before start. Skins not supported.